Barska Scope Review

Every year right before hunting season, there is a rush of people looking for new scopes for their new gun the got for Christmas. Because the economy is bad these days, people are really looking to conserve and save their cash stacks. Therefore, more and more are turning their cheeks to the expensive brands and going with a more affordable flavor. That is where this post comes in. Today, I would like to talk about Barska rifle scopes and my experiences with them.

Barska makes a lot of cheaper scopes that are usually priced fewer than one hundred dollars, but a few are a bit more expensive. A common thought that most 7.62×39 surplus ammo  customers assume is that a cheap price is often associated with a decrease in quality. This is often true, but not in the case of Barska. I have purchased several of these rifle scopes and am willing to share my thoughts on the matter. In this barska rifle scope review, I would like to say that I am happy with my purchases.

In fact, I can put all three of my B optics together and they still cost less than some of my other optics. I have one on a.223, another on a.308, and another on a.22. So far, I have used them for years and have had no problems. Actually, they have all held zero. I was not surprised when it worked great on the.22 because there is hardly any recoil. When it performed magnificently on the.223 I was happy. However, when there were no breaks or problems with the.308, I was astounded. It got the job done just as well as my five hundred dollar rifle scopes and has held its own. Now the only problem that I am having is the shortage in ammo for this particular caliber.

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