Beware Of The Comfort Zone

Too many people spend a major proportion of their lives clamouring for safety and security and sit tight within their comfort zones and do not risks or Y2mate challenge themselves on a regular basis. Unfortunately that is also why too many people are unsatisfied with their lives and regret deeply in their later years. If you ask any of the older men and women what they regret the most and almost all of them would tell you that they regret the chances they didn’t take rather than the risks they took.

When we look back at life, we realize that all the mistakes that we made in life were actually turning points which taught us a valuable lesson. With each obstacle we experienced, we added new dimension of learning to our lives. If it weren’t for the risks taken, we wouldn’t have learnt all those beautiful life lessons, we were meant to.

So to live life to your fullest, it is important to step out of your comfort zone and take more risks. Risks do not have to life threatening to be called risks, even though some of them may seem so. Here are a few ideas that you can use to practice get uncomfortable.

Ask for what you want: Are you the kind of person, you is afraid of rejection, then you must practice asking. Ask for the best table in your favourite restaurant. If you fly often, ask if they could upgrade you to first class. Don’t be afraid of rejection. You never know who may agree to your requests just because you asked.

Meet someone new each month – If you meet the same people every day and have conversation with your same circle of friends, its time to break out and do something different and meet an interesting person outside your normal area of work. Go to your local art gallery and invite one of the artists for coffee. If you visit a mall, chat up one of the servers at the food court and see how interesting their life is. Do this on a regular basis and you will soon be exposed to so many new things that you didn’t know about.

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