How to Decide What to Blog

If like me you intend to use your Blog as the hub of you social media marketing (SMM) then you will need to post to your Blog regularly. I aim to do a post a day because keeping the Blog fresh with new content helps it in the Google search rankings.

Deciding what to post about is probably the biggest challenge you will face when adopting this approach. A key thing to remember is that your Blog is like your ‘house’ on the internet and is where you invite people to get to know more about you As part of that process of getting to know you they may or may not buy something off you. As a minimum you at least want them to find your Blog interesting enough to subscribe to, or bookmark to some back and visit again.

This is on the basis they may have a friend looking for what you are offering and they then refer the friend to you Blog.

I find it is good to strike a balance in posting about your niche market and things that you find interesting or your actual interests. This may seem odd, but if you post about one of your interests it makes you appear more genuine and trustworthy – a real person.

I use Google Alerts as my source for the latest news is in my niche market and interests. Setting up a Google Alert to be emailed to you once a day is very easy. Just do the following steps:

Although many blogs are used to promote goods and services, you can also use a blog to do online marketing of the most important commodity, namely yourself. Whether you’re a freelancer looking for work or an employee searching for a more responsible position, a blog can be just the thing you’re searching for to help you achieve your career goals.

The most important thing a blog can do for you is establish your expertise in a certain field or activity. For example, if you’re a lawyer, you could set up a blog commenting on current news events from a legal point of view. If you’re into a sporting activity like running, you can use the blog to discuss races you have run and what lessons you have learned from them.

For journalists, blogging can be a way to provide more in-depth coverage and insights on particular stories that they were not able to include in their regular articles. Other bloggers use their sites to write about stories that have not been covered by mainstream media. In fact, many journalists have made their blogs into their jobs, as these sites have become a viable alternative to mainstream newspapers and magazines as a source of news.

Even if you are using your blog to market yourself, you should still blog on a subject that you are genuinely passionate about. This will make it easy for you to craft excellent blog posts and post consistently. Your enthusiasm for your subject will also communicate itself to your audience, who may become regular visitors to your site. It can also put you in touch with potential employers, or make your bosses more aware of potential that had gone unnoticed at the workplace

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