How to Stay Cool During Exams – Beat the Exam Stress

School going kids are overburdened with studies all throughout their academic year. The exam time makes the situation even worse for our dear babies. They have to write exam well in order to get good results and appreciation for teachers, friends and parents. The exam stress is not just a mere word created by someone to scare us CCNA certification.

Whether your kids are good in studies or average, all kids get stress during the exam times. Here are some of the things that they can do or rather you can ask them to do to keep their cool during this exam season.Health Related Tips -Adequate sleep – If your kids are over studying then you must help them understand the drawbacks of not taking proper rest and sleep. In order to keep mind alert during exam, kids should sleep for regular 8 hours in nighttime.

Eat well – If kids will not eat balanced food during exams, then they will not get the physical strength to write the exam paper fast. You as their primary caregiver should keep a check on what they will be eating during exam time. Eating vegetable and fresh fruits is necessary.No tea or coffee – If your kids are asking for a cup of tea or coffee to keep awake and study, avoid their request. These things will affect their thinking ability and will make their situation worse.

Allow them to play – In exam time also, your kids should get some chance to go in the open ground and play with their friends. This will make their mind fresh and they will study enthusiastically once they come back home.To do list for your kids during exams Listen to music – Your kids will benefit greatly from listening to music for some time. Their mind will become fresh and they will remember their studies well.



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