The Magic Bullet That Will Propel Your Website To The Top Of Google: The Great SEO Illusion

All business owners with a website try to find that magic bullet that will propel their websites to the top of Google. Two facts convince them that it must exist. Firstly, for every search there is a website in #1 position and so that website owner must have the answer. Secondly, there is a multitude of SEO programs and service providers who claim Buy Google Reviews they know the secret to guaranteed success which is available – for a price.

Compelling and verifiable evidence that the top factor in the Google positioning algorithm is the HomePage PageRank (HPR – G-Factor-1) has been published. Furthermore, the second factor is an adjusting boost that Google gives to the effective PageRank of a HomePage when it is competing for a keyword (G-Factor-2). PageRank of a webpage is determined by the total value of incoming links.

To check the validity of the above theory, you can easily do a search on any keyword of your choice on Google with either Internet Explorer or Firefox and with the Google toolbar active. Check the HPR of any of the webpages on the top Google search engine results page. If one of the top webpages is a HomePage with PR less than 5, add the G-Factor 2 boost so that the adjusted HPR becomes 5.

Knowing the requirements for anything in life does not guarantee success and this applies to top positioning on Google. The most desirable keywords will require an average HPR6 or more for top positioning. PageRank 6 requires about 250,000 average value links. A small to medium sized business website will do well to achieve 2,500 such incoming links (PageRank 4).

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